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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Deja vu

I am in the process of planning a threesome birthday party for my husband, a friend and myself....truth be it is more for me because I am the one hitting the highlight age (60) while the other two are past that:) Well, anyhow we all decided to pitch and and have a party that would be a Mexican Fiesta. My daughter offered to help me shop and decorate:)

Now when she was young and living at home there were MANY shopping outings for all sorts of things but the worse ones were for proms and military balls and etc. because everything HAD to be just right and EVERYTHING was important.

Well, nothing has changed...we have miniature pinatas, matching plates and napkins, hanging things and even a Mexican CD to play softly in the background:) What fun we had even if the bill was $90.00 and three bags full!

I hope you have someone to let loose and just have fun with...

It's never too late...........................


JeanMac said...

Still in your 50's, eh? Sounds young to me. Have a great celebration.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy 60th birthday girl! Chatty

smilnsigh said...

When be the whing-ding??? If it was, hope it was fun. If it's still to come, hope same.

And I'm sure it will be.

Happy Birthday, You Mere Child YOU!!! :-)


Lady Di Tn said...

Happy BURPDAY!!!! Just think you are not even a GOOD SPEED LIMIT YET. Peace