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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Movie Review

In case you didn't guess.....Hubby picked this movie:)
It was one of those movies that you just keep waiting for it to all come together and make sense and ends. Do I need to say I didn't like it.

Usually I only give a review for Sat. but am a little riled about a certain issue this morning.....I was reading on Fools Rush In post (Here Kitty Kitty) and poof, there is this comment from.......ANONYMOUS. Now I ask you who cares what you think, annonymous? Why would you feel the need to make any comment because you are after all......amonymous which means....of no importance. Why would you choose to make yourself some kind of a annonymous blog patrol lurking in on others peoples posts???? My point??? If you are tempted to correct someone and can't identify yourself.........just shut up!
Next frustuaration???? My spell check isn't working when I post....any ideas? Any help?


Lady Di Tn said...

My spell check was not working either so I guess blogger has a problem. Earth to Blogger.
I hate the kind of movie you described. Same goes here about amonyous.

JeanMac said...

This made me laugh - my typing is so bad that sometimes spell check can't even offer a suggestion,ha,ha.
As for anonymous, rude comments, I'd just delete them. As you know, some people don't have the courage of their convictions so hide behind "anonymous". What make me laugh is that no one is "anonymous" in this great world called blogging!Thank goodness more than 99% of bloggers are great!

Beverly said...

I feel the same way. I also do not like it when I click on someone's name and they have no info about themselves. I guess I am nosy, but I like to think I am interested. lol

I wish I knew how to delete just one comment. I have gotten a comment from a spammer once.

Ming the Merciless said...

Wait till you get 30 spam comments in one day. Errrr!! It makes me want to scream!

Granny Annie said...

Thanks for socking it to anonymous on my behalf. I could have deleted the comment but it actually awakened me to the controversy that surrounds the topic of mountain lions in Oklahoma. Who knew?

About There Will Be Blood....My goddaughter called me and said go see it. My sister wrote me this review: "Speaking of films.....we went to see "There Will Be Blood" with Daniel Day Lewis because David has been wanting to see it. WEll.....his performance, DDL, was amazing. The cinematics, sets and costumes were amazing. The plot sucked and left you totally depressed. It was 2 hrs and 38 min long and the ending made you leave the theatre with hate in your heart and no hope for goodness in the world. YUCK. You might want to give it a look on netflix one of these days, but don't pay full price to see it. Hollywood did a real number on capitalism, via the oil industry, and religion, via the healing holy rollers. Bad."

So, one is for one is against and you sound a bit disappointed yourself.

Chatty Crone said...

Mine isn't either. XOX?*&%

patrick said...

finally got to see the infamous There Will Be Blood... Daniel-Day Lewis takes well to the overbearing, violent father-figure role -- he also did this in Gangs of New York.