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Monday, February 25, 2008

Behind the Scenes

No part of this information may be reproduced in anyway.
Interestingly on Walking Prescott blog today she highlighted the town that I grew up in and the author who did the foreword for the book. That is information that is way out of the timeline of events as I have been sharing but couldn't resist:)
Back home from Ponca City with the letters in hand, minus the route cards, I find I have become rather attached to these letters and not sure about parting with them. Maybe this other lady who was going to write a book and I could work together..........................
I found her phone number and called...................... Yes, she had done a little research but it was some time ago and now she was married with a new baby to care for so basically writing the book was on a back burner somewhere. I was disappointed and back to square one. What do I do with these letters.........................
Jokingly I told my husband as we were driving in the car......."Well, guess I will just have to write the book myself", He didn't respond right away but then said....."Maybe you should". Up until that point I hadn't seriously thought about it. After all, I had never taken writing classes, never had dreams of writing a book and didn't have much of an imagination which I felt you would need to write a book BUT, what I did have was the LETTERS and a wiliness to research.

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