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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dog House Christmas

Sometimes I'm sorry just isn't enough and more restrictions are required in your life. So is the situation with my Grandson this year and so he will miss our traditional Christmas activities. Yes, I am sad but also glad that this is not a permanent situation.

Sometimes it is good to remember that not everyone is having a festive Christmas and may indeed be having a very hard time. If this applies to you...I wish you peace.


smilnsigh said...

Sorry for whatever happened. But I'm not sorry that a young person is probably learning a valuable lesson. Over all, too few valuable lessons are being taught, today.

Mmmm, does that make me sound old? Probably. But then, I _am_ old! ,-)

And Yes, the Season of Merriment is a hard time for many. It's even a hard time, in some ways, for those of us with family and all the jazzzz.


Joni said...

That's too bad! I bet he won't forget the lesson though!!

Lynne said...

Sorry for whatever happened, it sounds pretty serious.

A few years back, I had one of those not so merry Christmases when my mother was in the hospital and we found out right before Christmas that she had terminal cancer. It was a difficult time, especially when everything around you is all holly jolly.

I hope your Grandson learns his lesson.

Changes in the wind is said...

Thank you each one for one for your kind words but I was not thinking of myself as much as I was thinking of my fiend who's husband is dying of cancer and of another blogger whose husband had Alzheimer's. That is why I stressed that my grandson's situation is not permanent. Those are the one that are really having a hard time and there are many many more like them.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Christmas is a hard time for many people. My thoughts are with your friends and their troubles, and also with your grandson, who won't be inculded in family festivities this year.
And also with that sad looking puppy!

Two Feathers said...

There is so much pressure at Christmas for everything to be "happily ever after" ... I think it is good to remember that the holidays can be very difficult for quite a lot of people and for a variety of reasons.

I am usually on that downward spiral into Winter Depression right about now, but surprisingly - I feel pretty happy. So, I'm doing my best to smile and be kind.

Love the puppy picture!