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Friday, July 7, 2017

Piggy Bank

Where did the Piggy Bank come from?


The piggy bank made its debut in Western Europe between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, and replaced the clay jars that once housed spare change.

People named the pig-shaped bank after the orange clay, "pygg," from which it was crafted.

The bank retained its name long after artisans stopped using the clay to produce pottery, and eventually the name "pygg" assumed the name "pig bank," and then the name "piggy bank."

The individual who formed the first lump of "pygg" into the shape of a pig either had a sense of humor, or saw symbolism in using the pig as a model. One school of thought insists that the piggy bank is fed the "leftovers" of a ones money until it is fat enough to be smashed, and the money harvested.

Years ago, in German speaking countries, craftsmen gave their apprentices piggy banks to reward them for years of learning their respective trades.

This is my hubby's piggy bank as a little boy

This is a piggy bank my folks had and I am tempted to break it because these penny's would be pretty old but imagine what they will be worth to the grandkids or great-grandkids.

Years ago I had a big bottle in our family room where we put in penny's and you would be amazed how it adds up.

Anyone have a piggy bank?


Debbie said...

we have a piggy bank - a jar, not shaped like a pig!! we empty it when it's full and it is always about $ 100.00!

interesting stuff!!!

Granny Annie said...

I have a large glass jug filled with all coins, not just pennies. I also have a small pint jar that is filled with very old pennies. Someday I need to open the jar and see the date on each penny. Love the historical data on the piggy bank.

Linda said...

We do! I have a metal one I keep in the laundry room and put the change in that comes through the pockets! Louis Dean has a plastic bottle from bubble bath and he socks away all his change there! I did not know the history of piggy banks!

Tired Teacher said...

I used to have several piggy banks, but now I just use jars to save my change.

Ratty said...

My sister has one that is not exactly piggy. Hers is an Oscar the Grouch bank that is three feet tall and completely full now.