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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Watch out!

Last week my daughter and I decided to find a pond with some ducks and sit and visit and feed the ducks like when she was little. We found a nice place close to her house and several ducks but first we had to endure the geese!!
Never have I seen such a bully group and they just dared you do pass them and etc. Even bit at my daughter.  Here they are walking across the road as we were leaving....
Not in any hurry and honking all the way! Even the ducks weren't getting along the mallards didn't like the white ones and here I thought all was well in the animal kingdom!


Tired Teacher said...

My mom had a large gaggle of geese, and they were mean during nesting: they even chased the dog! I grew to respect them and gave them a wide berth. Geese are a good alarm system, too. They make a LOT of racket.

Mari said...

:) You are funny! But you're right - they are bullies. I've had issues with them at a park before.