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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I don't know about you but the hubby and I pretty much follow a schedule to a tee. In fact at one of the restaurant's we go to they tease us because they say they know it is 5:00 on Sunday when they look up and see us. We normally eat out every night and have a pattern we follow but recently our Tues. night at Chili's was disrupted by a server change that we didn't like so I made the decision that on the Tues. we would eat at home and I would cook! We will see just how long this lasts but I do love to try new recipes and  miss things you can't get in the restaurants like good meatloaf and casseroles and etc.
I have been thinking about doing this for a while so went through my pantry and cleaned out all outdated things and also bought this food saver

I used it for the first time with some leftover pork tenderloin which I froze and it worked great! Also discovered that I could create the same principal with a zip lock bag and a straw.....

Of course this was just to go in the refrigerator but I have come to understand the thing that ruins food is air so I just put this in the bag and zipped it up to a inserted straw in the corner then sucked the air out and quickly closed it.

As I said I wanted our dinner at home to be either something new or something we don't normally have available so I chose this recipe
to try. It was GREAT! even though I forgot the spinach. It is a bit of work and I had all the ingredients ready ahead of time. I re-heated the left over pork tenderloin in the toaster over and made a special dressing that normally goes over a pasta salad and instead but it over sliced grape tomato's, cubed cucumbers and cut up avocado for a salad. It was all yummy.

 I even bought a little dollar miniature peach pie which I forgot so we had it for a pre-breakfast treat.

Well, it was a good start now if I can only get Netflix to cooperate I think our Tues. nights might be a hit.
ps. I had never eaten the Gruyere cheese before.......loved it.


Michelle said...

Sounds like the stay at home supper turned out great!

Tired Teacher said...

Your meal sounds delicious. I rarely eat out, and infrequently cook large dishes or casseroles. I think you'll like your new routine.

Mari said...

What a good idea! I'm going to try that!

Granny Annie said...

Cannot wait to try the baggie and straw idea for saving food.

Debbie said...

you sound like us!! peeps don't realize that with only 2 peeps and the specials restaurants offer, it is easier, fresher and cheaper to eat out. and there is less waste. i like cooking, today i am making short ribs and i had fun putting them together and the house smells great as they cook away. i can't wait for dinner time. which happens to be 3 pm for us!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

I have thought about getting a food saver but we consume ours pretty quick. I most often cook for four each night. When family comes, it can be from 5 to 12 people. Prince and I eat out very seldom but he does pick up dinner some times because my MIL only goes out to the doctor now days. I loved the history of the previous post.

Linda said...

I am impressed that you eat out every day!! Wow!

Changes in the wind said...

Linda, it really isn't that expensive when you share:)