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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Who is the most powerful?

Power-lifting is a competitive and inclusive sport for both man and women, young and old. The main rule in this sport is to lift as much weight as you can.
But humans are not the best in the world. Other creatures of the world can handle lifting great weights too. Here is the count down from 9....

9- The grizzly bear can lift 1200lb, meaning 0.8 its body weight;

8- The ox: can pull and carry 2000lb, approximately 1.5 times its body weight;

7- The elephant: can carry 20,000lb, 1.7 times its body weight;

6- The tiger: 1200lb, 2 x its body weight;

5- Human: the strongest man in the world, Zydrunas Savickas, managed to lift 2,3 times his own body weight, meaning almost 900lb.

4- On the fourth place we have a bird, the African Crowned Eagle. This bird can lift 36lb. That’s
4 times its body weight.

3- The gorilla 4600lb. Ten times its body weight;

2- The leafcutter ant. This little insect can lift 20 times its body weight. That is the equivalent of a man lifting a family car.

Drum roll please........................................

And the winner is.................The Dung Beetle. A little insect that feeds only of feces.
It can lift 1000 times its own body wieght.
That would be equivalant to a average 150 lb man lifting six double decker busses!



betty said...

Wow, I didn't know these facts. Indeed all interesting!


Tired Teacher said...

Interesting facts and amazing, too.

Granny Annie said...

We can only hope and pray that The Dung Beetle doesn't mutate into a creature any larger or it could carry us all away. Once again you have added to our education.

Michelle said...

That man's arms....ridiculous!

Debbie said...

fun and very interesting!!!

Mari said...

That was very interesting!