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Thursday, July 9, 2015


Our tour of Vienna included a bus tour and a walking tour. The bus tour took us around the Ringstrasse (outer circle of the inner city) and had all kinds of amazing building and sites. I took pictures but have no idea of the names of these places if they gave them to us and some have a bit of a glare because of the glass window.
The fortifying walls which had protected the city for centuries were torn down and the ring road was laid out in their place. Many monumental buildings lined this boulevard..
When we were here there was a young man who had climbed up on this statue (no easy feat) and was taking selfie pictures with the horses and etc. People began to get irate and insisted he get down. Nothing like seeing a historical site with some kid next to one of the horses.
St. Stephan's Cathedral
The rest of the tour was a walking tour of the (inner city) which was a huge shopping center with little cafe's along the streets.
You could take a carriage ride and later in the afternoon there were plenty to choose from
As we walked by the guide said (don't step in the isn't water)

I am not a shopper but did buy a couple of souvenirs here and of course we had to stop and have a latte
and the famous Apple Strudel for me

and for hubby??????

 He broke all traditions and went for ice cream.

At 12:00 pm they closed the streets to cars and the people just roamed as they pleased.
Sights from the ship
Check out this fishing ship
They had a special Captains farewell dinner and toast. All the heads of the different departments came and toasted us. It was really nice and no it was not formal:)
Last stop......Budapest, Hungary


Tired Teacher said...

You're tempting me to plan a trip.

Linda said...

What a fabulous trip!!! Thank you so much for this!!! It is late and as much as I loved every pic - I will come back in the morning to see it all again!!

Debbie said...

nothing satisfies the architectural heart as much as these beautiful old buildings. nothing, created today, even comes close!!!

and desert, i'm drooling!!!