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Monday, July 6, 2015

Sorry for the delay on the trip but got sidelined....Next stop Melk, Austria

The big highlight at Melk was the Melk Abby.

This picture is taken from the internet

 It stood almost 200 feet about the village below and could be seen for miles.

It contains 85,000 volumes of medieval manuscripts and there are monks there yet today that study them.

It is 900 years old and well preserved including the frescoed ceilings

There were many old artifacts including this Margravine Swanhilde's altar, from the eleventh century
It was in glass and that is why you see the people behind it.
Beautiful light
A heat grate in the marble floor
Going out to the garden area

The view of the village below
and the view of the Danube
We didn't stay docked here for very long and soon headed through the Wachau Valley which is the heart of Austria's wine country and known for the many old castles you can spot along the way.
Some were to have belonged to robber barons who plundered the passing ships and merchant's' wagons.
Not sure how they got up there:) We were on the top deck trying to take these pictures and as you can tell by the sky it turned cold on us...
This is known as the Devil's Wall that is millions of years old.
A pretty little church along the way and see all the wine fields behind. It is so green and pretty along the way
 and you never know just what is around the next bend
So enjoyed our baloney.
Next stop...Vienna



Debbie said...

oooh it looks like you had a lot of fun. i like the view of the homes from above....and the pretty reflection in the water!!!

Tired Teacher said...

The river cruise seems like the ideal method of travel. Love the photos - keep them coming.