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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Well the computer was a little better for a short time and then went crazy again so decided it was time to buy a new one....

Of course the fun now is getting everything transferred and working but at least on the blog I can  grab the pictures again.

Here are some things that have been happening on the home front.
We decided to update our master bath....

Of course you first have to tear it all down..

After a lot of mess we now have the results...
I am very pleased and the dust and dirt prompted a good cleaning:)

We were invited to a friends house for his 65th birthday and he has restored Tom Mix (old famous western actor) car in which he lost his life here in Florence, Arizona. Seeing pictures of it and reading about it is one thing but to see it in person is overwhelming. Well, here is a picture anyhow...

You can go to this web site and see so many great ones along with the before pictures and awards and etc.

And the granddaughter's volleyball team placed second in the State Championships! Good job Cobra's!

Got to see them play a couple of times (Granddaughter is fourth from the left).

We had Thanksgiving at Black Angus Restaurant this year because Granddaughter got a job there and promised she would work that day. It was pretty good and we had a nice time.

It is already Dec. and I am procrastinating about Christmas.....that is a bit of my norm I am afraid.


Michelle said...

Good luck with the remodel!

Granny Annie said...

Love the bathroom, the old car, the granddaughter and love knowing I am not the only Christmas procrastinator.