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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas in Arizona

Here are a few unusual, only in Arizona, Christmas sights:

A blooming prickly pear cactus and here is the recipe if you want to make some of that famous Prickly Pear Jelly:


1 gal. prickly pear cactus fruit, very ripe, deep garnet color
4 c. juice
4 c. sugar
2 pkgs. fruit pectin
Gather the fruit using tong and gloves. Put fruit in sink with water. Using tongs, swish in water to remove stickers. Cut fruit in half. Place in large pan. Boil until fruit is shriveled. Mash with potato masher. Strain through jelly bag or cheese cloth. Bring juice and pectin to boil. Add sugar and boil to jelly stage. Pour into jelly glasses and seal.

A rooster pulling a decorated wagon (matches the chili peppers I think).
My computer screen saver and it isn't even close to below freezing outside:)



Nancy said...

I've celebrated Christmas in all kinds of climates - each have their special treatments and traditions - all fun.

Love your screen saver!

Far Side of Fifty said...

So are you making jelly:)

Chatty Crone said...

You may have to use that as a Christmas tree and decorate it!

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you are back on line. I thought you might have snuck out of town on a trip but I did not think computer problems. My off line is because it takes me longer to get ready and with less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this ole gal just had to retreat from somethin. I hear packages calling out my name to wrap them. We will have my very best friend come for the day Sunday so I must at least get all of her packages wrapped. Have a very very Merry Christmas. Peace