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Monday, August 4, 2014

Grand Canyon Trip Cont.

We finally arrived at the north rim and let me tell is beautiful!! Unlike the south rim the only place to take it all in is from the Lodge itself and it is right on the edge.

A ledge you could walk out on.
The south rim is only 30 min. across as a bird flies but a 5 1/2 hour drive by car.
Check out how old it is!!!
Now, the thing is there is only one place to stay here and even though I called two months ahead for a reservation they only had one "cabin" left with one full bed and one twin bed. Needless to say I took it but boy was it little..
 Here's the full bed
 Here's is the twin bed and that wall is the end of the cabin and the bathroom is to the left.
 Here is the entrance.
All this for $140.00 a night! Now if you saw how many there were you will quickly come to the conclusion they have a little gold mine here.
The little bathroom did have something neat in it.... this ceiling fixture.
It was a sucker fan, heating fan, light and night light all in one. Was nice to not have to stumble in the dark to find the bathroom and was such a soft light it didn't disturb you.
Now if you don't think these cabins are small check this out...
this is two cabins together and that is how all of them were. Some were a little larger with a porch but they were all duplex style and of course you could hear right through the wall. The grounds were pretty and we lucked out to be close to the lodge itself because hubby had a hard time in the high altitude with his COPD. It was so nice and cool and love the pine trees...
The lodge was real nice and they even had a little "saloon".
Check out the picture behind the bottles..
I had made dinner reservations at the lodge the same time I reserved the room and sure am glad I did. It was the only place to have a meal other than a little deli and the food and service were real good.
The lodge is impressive and well maintained...

 The backside of the Lodge with chairs to enjoy the view. Am glad we made the trip here. We got up early the next morning, had breakfast here at the lodge and headed out. We had a long drive ahead to get to our next destination.

We stopped in our little home town "Ash Fork" and saw hubby's brother and then headed on south to the Prescott Resort. We have stayed here many times but I never tire of the view of Prescott...
 See that little knob hill?
It is called "Thumb Butte" and see all these white things on the ground .....
Those are grave markers for this military graveyard that is close to the VA called Whipple.
 It is a beautiful area and one that holds many memories for me. My grandmother lived here, I went to beauty school here and my Dad died here at the VA. Although he was a veteran he is not buried here because it has been full for many years. He and my mom are buried in another cemetery here in Prescott Valley.
We have loved this resort but twice now after their big remodel our dinning experience had not been good and if we stay again we won't go for thirds. So it is with travel:)


Dana said...

Your photos are stunning! I would love to go there someday.

Nancy said...

The cabin is pretty typical of those found at Wyoming resorts.

The scenery captured in your photos is beautiful.

Granny Annie said...

Guessing the Cowboy was staking his claim on the full sized by by placing his hat there. lol

Beautiful pics.

Lady Di Tn said...

it has been 22 years since I visited the Cannon and it was the south side. Thanks for sharing the north with us. A very rustic and spars cabin to be sure. Makes for easy clean up. LOL At least you had a inside bath house instead of a wood out house in the back. Peace

Linda said...

I loved seeing this!!! In all my travels I have never been to the Grand Canyon!! You give the BEST tours!