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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Central Park

 I was able to visit Central Park several years ago but only just to walk a short distance into the entrance.
 If I ever have the opportunity to go again, I would want to try to see it all, and as you can see by the map.....
that would take some time
 or maybe a carriage ride.
What an amazing place, it was initially opened in 1857 and covered 778 acres, it now covers 843 acres. The reason the park was even created was because between 1821 and 1855, New York City nearly quadrupled in population and people were so desperate to escape the city they were going to cemeteries.
At one point in time it fell into decline but when a new governor came on board it was turned around and continues to have top maintenance to this day. There are approximately 37.5 million people that come to visit annually and it is open all year.

In the summer of 1966, two-term mayor of New York (1966–73) John V. Lindsay, himself an avid cyclist, initiated a weekend ban on automobiles in Central Park for the enjoyment of cyclists and public alike – a policy that continues yet today.

Row boats and kayaks can be rented at the Loeb Boathouse, which also houses a restaurant overlooking the Lake


There are two outdoors swimming pools that convert to ice rinks in the wintertime.

and the most famous one....
 Rockefeller Center.
There is rock climbing...
The Central Park Zoo

which would take some time to see it all.....
You don't want to miss the polar bears!!

There are a total of twenty-one playgrounds and twenty-nine sculptures....
 such as "Alice in Wonderland".
You will find the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater which was originally a model schoolhouse built in Sweden that hosts many plays and the Belvedere Castle.
 but the most awesome sites are the beauty of nature.


 Yes, a haven in the middle of a city.




Granny Annie said...

I did not know all of that. Actually I hardly knew ANY of that. Thank you!

Nancy said...

Green spaces are so important to an individual's sanity. I'm glad that Central Park is a haven for those weary of the asphalt and concrete.

Wool Winder said...

I was able to visit the park a couple of times when we lived in New Jersey, but never really explored it in depth.

Lady Di Tn said...

In all my wishful travels New York has always been at the bottom of my list but I would go just to see the park. Wow what a treasure they have and I hope they continue to take care of it. Peace