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Monday, May 26, 2014

Road trip con. 4

Here the land opened up with meadows and wild flowers.

Our last night stay was in Harrison, Ar. at the 1929 Hotel Seville and what a grand place this is.

So glad it has been restored for us to enjoy..
Old glass doors looking out the bar
 Old ironwork
The beautiful old brick

But it's the lobby that dazzles you!!
It is really beautiful and see the wood railing going up both sides of stairs? I was struck by it because it is real old worn wood and shaped in a special way to wrap your hand so that it feels like the railing is holding you rather than you holding the railing...(they too have a elevator). Notice the flying birds? They are not painted on but are tiles as well as in the arches and etc.
They were having a Crawdad festival the day we arrived and felt bad because it ended up being a cold rainy day and put a damper on things including a car show just down the street. It didn't bother us as we had our 3 hour nap and then drinks and dinner. Now I have to tell you that the restaurant service was so slow it was all we could do to sit there and that was for both dinner and our breakfast the next morning but once the food came...all was forgiven. It was such good old fashion cooking!!
This was a small friendly little town and glad the old hotel was here because that is what drew us.
 (to be cont.)



Linda said...

It is a beautiful place and I'm glad to see it through your visit! I have been to Harrison but did not know about that hotel!! Louis Dean and I are planning a trip to Arkansas next year. Guess where we want to stay now??

Bev said...

Beautiful Beautiful hotel!!

Michelle said...

That lobby is beautiful!

Nancy said...

You find the most interesting and beautiful places to stay and visit. Any tips on how you find them?

Changes in the wind said...

Nancy, whenever we are going into a area I just Google "Historic hotels" or "Unusual places to stay" I also use to see how places are rated and especially for things to see or do in the area. I have also used this web site
for ideas of places that are small and different.
I basically study it a lot and then try to map it out. It is a lot of work but I enjoy it and we do have a great time. You would be surprised how many historic places there are in your own backyard:) There are some wonderful ones here in not too far of a drive.