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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Arkansas Road Trip

Hubby and I had never been to Arkansas so decided a road trip was in order. We flew into Little Rock, Ar. and rented a car, then headed to Hot Springs. I had already made a hotel reservation at the Staybridge Suites  so that was all set but we hadn't made plans for dinner. We drove by many restaurants along the way but asked the desk clerk what she would suggest.... Her answer was the
Fisherman's Wharf  and am so glad we asked because we drove by but could only see the sign as the restaurant itself is hidden.

 What a place...
Looking across from our table
Not only was the d├ęcor great...the food was AWESOME!!!
What a treat to have dinner here and our room was nice as could be


(If you have never stayed at  StayBridge it is a good deal, nice breakfast in the morning and free wine, beer and taco bar at night if you would like).

with a great view on the river
and being from the Arizona desert I am ALWAYS impressed with green
Hot Springs is known for their natural hot springs and I wish I would have arranged for us to have more time our second day here as the down town area was really neat with all the old bath houses and little shopping spots and etc. To be cont.


Nancy said...

I hope the promenade is still in Hot Springs. I was there about 40 years ago and thought it was a great place to walk and sight-see.

Granny Annie said...

I am about four hours from Hot Springs. Ron and I traveled through Little Rock a lot but just zipping through and never thought about stopping anywhere in Hot Springs. Phooey:(

Lady Di Tn said...

Another neat trip to share with us. Glad you enjoyed the Green. Peace