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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's all about the senses

I am in the process of learning more about taking the time to make special note of the things around me and even enhancing them to make them even more pleasurable to me. For example I often wear a little red bed jacket sweater when I am on the computer early in morning because I sit next to a window and it is sometimes chilly, so today I went into my bathroom and put some power on the sweater of a fragrance of old (unlike perfume it doesn't go bad)...brings back memories:) I also am lighting a little fragrant candle when it is still dark and surprisingly the thing that I have loved the most is the smell of the match when lighting it. Haven't used the old little book of matches in a long time and it brings back a memory of my grandmother keeping  some in the bathroom to remove any offensive odors:)  and unfortunately my old smoking days.
Here is a special little space I happen to love....
this is in my sewing/laundry room and I love the sun streaking through the window both summer and winter and I am sure hoping for some blooms on that African violet. Also note the book "making it your own"? That is some sewing inspiration  and what is that little orange thing you see there?
A miniature suitcase? is a little travel alarm that still works and reminds me that just like planes....time fly's.
Encouragement: Whatever you have and where ever you are...make it special to you!


Bev said...

Great post...and how true!!

Granny Annie said...

I love to stroll the memory lane of my home's corners. I also have a little case that contains a travel alarm. It belonged to my parents.

Linda said...

Beautiful things holding good memories!