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Friday, June 15, 2012

Day four

Since we canceled our trip to Florence it was a wide open day to just explore so off we went. First to the not famous Cappuccin Crypt. No pictures were allowed in this sacred place where the skulls, femurs and tibia's of 4,000 friars who died between 1528 and 1870 line the walls and ceiling in intricate patterns. Walked past the Palazo Margherita and on to  the Villa Borghese Gardens (Rome's central park) Porta Pinciana entrance.

As we sat there resting we noticed there were many horse trailers on in the park and we even saw a man dressed in English riding gear  .... oh how wished I would have taken a picture. Well, see that word Galoppatoio in the center? It means a Equestrian riding center.  In 1960 they hosted the Olympics jumping competition here.
We walked to the other side and just sat on a park bench and watched the locals come with their families, kids and dogs. There was a man sitting on the ground playing a guitar (American music) which echoed over the area. It was really lovely.

We walked to the Plazza delle Canestre where they have a kiddie arcade, bike rental and a cute little restaurant were we had lunch.......La Casina dell'orologio. Please go to the link and see how neat this little place was. It was fascinating to me that they would just put up a tent like structure with lots of greenery and poof you have a restaurant. Although this was more like a deli they had the prettiest dishes on a charger.

They built this around these huge tree and had them all covered with zippered plastic  inside....

The food wasn't that fantastic but the area was sure was.

We headed back to our hotel and glimpsed one of Rome's iconic sights, the Spanish steps. This is a very popular area with huge crowds and I had no intention of climbing those 138 steps so a glimpse was good enough for me.

Over-all we walked about five miles this day and our afternoon nap was pure delight:)

This was the restaurant that was attached to our hotel and where we ate all but one dinner. Loved it here and we had

a favorite sitting place next to the window that opened up to via deli, one of many little roads but one this one leads to a place that is to have the best gelato in Rome. There was always a wonderful breeze and one night after it had rained it was even chilly.

The chef often sent out a little gift (antipasti) sample appetizer. They do have the best cheese and meat!


Nancy said...

Another wonderful post. I could picture the sites as you described them.

Linda Chapman said...

Great post! I love traveling with you!!

Michelle said...

Your trip sounds like such a dream! I am enjoying all of these posts.

Bev said...

Wonderful day!!

Granny Annie said...

I'm worried about those zippered plastic covers on the trees.