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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day five

Today's agenda was to walk to the two popular Piazza's in the area. The first...Piazza Navona.
Now this was more the way I thought it would be like.

A large plaza with beautiful fountains.

There were many interesting sights along with this odd couple.....

 Can you believe this guitar?

Look is human.

 Was trying to sneak a picture of him because they want you to pay them to take a picture...think he caught me...what do you think?

You need double click this one to see what it really is......Did catch your attention!

They had lots of artists with their paintings and one of those people that draw your picture on the spot...he was really good. Now in all of Rome there are FEW public bathrooms, in fact I never saw, I got where I would ask the servers..."Birra....toilet" (beer and toilet) if the answer to both were yes we sat down. Now mind you here in the Pizza Navona when we did this...our bill for the two beers and the toilet was $20.00 American money. Different places...different prices just like home...... Someone has to pay for this beautiful art.

Haven't shared much about the wonderful sights as we walked to the different places but this one proved very interesting......

This was my second choice for a hotel, although very pretty think our first choice was a better location over-all.

We walked on to Campo di Fiori for lunch.....a open air fruit and vegetable market as well as many little eateries. We picked a little outside eating place and hubby went in to order us some pizza. The pizza was rectangular instead of round and he pointed to the one we wanted...she took a knife and put it on a spot to see if that was how much he wanted...he indicated a little less and then she cut it and weighted it...yep they sold it by weight....I wonder if it was equivialte to how much weight it added to my backside!

You truly can see most of Rome by foot if you  take your time and rest here and there and there are so many beautiful sights....just look at this hotel they were remodeling ....

and this.......
 just an old building with outstanding flower boxes

This was the only night that we ate in a different location than our hotel and we were very sorry as it was AWFUL.
We didn't even finish our meals. Went back to our sweet hotel and bar and had a night cap with our favorite bartender Cosmin...he even brought a picture of him and his girlfried for us to see. He was from Romania and spoke very good English....nice guy. We talked with him a lot and we were able to ask him a lot of questions. He didn't own a car and rode the bus and subway to work...dreamed of opening his own restaurant someday and told his girlfriend we were a "beautiful" couple. We got a bit attatched to him (more on that later).



Chatty Crone said...

Was that a picture of you? Awesome. And I enjoyed your photos. sandie

Nancy said...

Another great adventure.

Love the "invisible man" photo.

Linda Chapman said...

I am LOVING your trip!!! The last pic is like one I have on a calendar from Italy. I tried painting my version of this and it hangs in my living room.

Again....THANK you so much for taking us with you!!! I am having a ball!

Granny Annie said...

That guitar is awesome!

Lady Di Tn said...

Love the photos of the fountains. Especially the lion drinking. Looks like a garter of grapes on the leg of the last statue photo. I wonder how else the street walking art makes a living. The building are so quaint and you should have had your photo taken at the Steps to fool everyone that you had walked them. I am having a wonderful time on your trip. Peace

Michelle said...

That is a cool guitar! Great pictures of your adventures. Nice that you made friends at the hotel bar. A nice connection!

Anonymous said...

The plaza at the top is where they shot Dean Martin's An Evening In Roma - (music video) & that water fountain is in the video - I LOVE Dean Martin!!! I used to have the video on youtube, but they deleted it a while back. =(