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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here are some of those really intelligent questions

Are you an innie or an outie?

Do you like catsup on or beside your fires?
Have you ever blown bubbles in you milk?

When at the grocery store do you prefer paper or plastic?

Can you flip your eyelids up?

My answers:
Next to my fries please
No blowing bubbles for me
I'll take either paper or plastic
Oh no..can't do my eyelids like that!

Your turn


Lady Di Tn said...

1. Innie
2. Next to my fries.
3. Only when I was small
4. Plastic (use for trash can liner)

Tiggeriffic said...

1. innie
2. none on my fries
3. I prefer paper
4. Yes I know how to flip my eyelids.
When I was in 7th grade I would flip my eyelids and chase the boys down the hallway at school. My grandchildren say "WOW" when they ask me to show them one more time. I just laugh...
Oh I think I forgot one ~ When grandson Ben comes over we blow bubbles in our milk...

Knitty said...

1. Innie
2. Next to my fries
3. Not in a very long time
4. Paper, but I seldom remember to ask quickly enough
5. Yikes! I don't even want to try!

TexWisGirl said...

ditto to all of your answers, except i think i liked paper better. they just don't offer it anymore (except for wine bottles).

Nancy said...

1. innie
2. On the fries
3. I use canvas bags and have for years
4. No, but then I've never tried

Anonymous said...

LoL! i like my ketchup beside my fries... used to blow bubbles, haven't in quite some time... plastic is the only way to go for a grocery bag, because it's more likely to pick up roaches in paper bags...

Linda Chapman said...


BESIDE my fries

plastic please unless it is at Braum's - I love their brown bags with handles!

I do not blow bubbles and I can NOT - nor do I WANT - to turn my eye lids up!!

Michelle a.k.a. Farmchick said...

1. innie
2. beside the fries
3. as a kid
4. plastic and reuse as trash bags
5. nope

Flora said...

On my fries
Definitely blow bubbles in chocolate milk (that is the only way I allow GK's to stir their chocolate milk!)
No Way!

Mevely317 said...

1. Innie
2. Nooooo capsup. Sounds gross, but I dip mine in mayo.
3. No, not yet! :)
4.Plastic, if they're good quality (ie, Target) ... again, for trash can liners.
4. Eeeeewww :((( !

PS - That was fun!

Chatty Crone said...

1. innie
2. on the fries
4. Paper and plastic

Good questions.

Granny Annie said...

1. innie
2. On the side and mixed with lots and lots of pepper.
3. Of course. First as a child and next to teach my grandchildren how to do it.
4. I prefer paper but will ask for plastic because it is easier to grab twelve plastic bags when carrying in the house.
5. I don't want to do my eyelids like that. Yikes!