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Saturday, August 6, 2011

This and That

When I planted this cactus in this glass, the long thing broke off the main plant but I just stuck it in the dirt and can you believe it is growing!

The other day I read that if you stored your celery in water it would last longer.....It really does!

Trying to use up scraps with this log cabin blanket pattern.

Found this sweet journal for my granddaughter.......

Pages of inspiration as well as blank for her to write on picture to read the quote.

My African violet has decided to bloom:)

This is a picture of my friend (Caroline) grand kids and can't think of anything sweeter......


the one of him getting a bath in a pot............................................

TIPS TO STAY COOL...................

1) Go tropical
Take the lead of those who spend most of their lives in tropical climates: loose, lightweight cotton and linen clothing rules.
The guayabera, sometimes called the "Mexican wedding shirt," is constructed to cool you naturally. A relative of the traditional Filipino barong, the guayabera wicks moisture from the skin and is worn untucked to promote air circulation. Madras is another good summertime choice for both men's and women's clothing.

Don't forget the old standard of the American Deep South: seersucker. Originally an Indian import, its crisp cotton and cooling ridges make it a hot weather classic.

2) Cool that pulse point
When you were sick as a child, your mom may have brought you a cold facecloth. This idea works the same way.
Chill your pulse points by running cold water over your wrist for a minute or so each hour. Splashing water on your temples or face can produce a similar effect. And be sure to put some of that tap water into a glass and stay hydrated.

3) Don't eat: Graze
Ever notice how you feel hot after a big meal? It's not just because the food was served warm.

Big, protein-laden meals force your body to stoke its metabolic fires. The solution is to break up your eating into smaller, more frequent meals. You'll feel cooler — and it's better for you, anyway.

4) Eat to sweat
Latin America, India, Thailand — some of the world's hottest places. And they happen to serve some of the world's hottest foods.
Scientists have argued for years over why this is the case, but the most likely reason is that spicy foods make you sweat without actually raising body temperature. Chalk it up to capsaicin, a chemical found in things like hot peppers. Once your skin is damp, you'll feel cooled by its evaporation.

5) Stay cool under the covers
A lot of people find it difficult to sleep in hot weather.

Want to cool the bed down? Fill a standard hot water bottle with ice water. Use it to cool your ankles and the back of your knees — it works. You can also try bagging your sheets and tossing them in the freezer for an hour or two before bed.

Cooling your head cools your entire body. Opt for a cool and absorbent pillow of organic cotton it at all possible. Put aside down and latex pillows until the weather cools down this autumn.


Chatty Crone said...

The kid were so sweet. I knew about the celery. And good idea about the hot water bottle!

Nancy said...

This post has some great tips.

Your granddaughter is going to love the journal.

I tried a log cabin blanket, but I didn't get very far. I am eager to see your finished blanket.

Farmchick said...

I like to eat and sweat. Love the hot stuff!!!

Flora said...

Beautiful post.... Loved all those pictures...

Wish I could use those hot weather tips...but I guess I just live in the wrong part of the world...and have travelled to too cool of weather spots this summer:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Neat post with a lot to entertain us. Thanks for the tips. Peace

Granny Annie said...

I want journals like that for my granddaughters. How neat.

Oh I cam graze with the best of them. For some reason this heat has awakened my appetite and is trying to blow my weight loss all to heck. I might as well just go out and spend the day with the goats and see if that dry grass might appeal to me as well.

Allison said...

Love that cactus growing out the glass! What a great idea!

JeanMac said...

Love your post and the journal is great.

Dawn said...

Wonderful This and That's!
I sure like the kiddo in the pot!
And good tips to stay cool....but I think I need heat here first. Want to send me some?:)))