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Friday, September 17, 2010

Elephant in the room

Time and time again we endure these ongoing discussions over something that is so off target it is hard to are just a few current ones.

Whether or not to extend the Bush tax cuts....this is a legitimate debate but whether or not to extend the tax cuts to only the middle class???? Has anyone read the 14th Amendment? You know the one the government used against Arizona to say you can't maybe profile or target any one group of people. Well, this is not only profiling, it is penalizing one group of people (the rich) and aiding (middle class) another one.

The Bush tax cut was an across the board tax rate reduction. Whether to extend it or not is the only question, not who to.

The next totally off the target subject:
Senator Reid's amendment to the defense bill called the DREAM act which is to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if they will go to college or join the military. First off, I question how many of the hundreds and hundreds of illegal immigrants that have crossed our border in the past 10 years Mr. Reid has encountered. The majority of them do not speak English and if his argument is that it is for those who where brought here as children 18+ years ago by their illegal parents.........they have already been given a free education to pursue college or any other dream they may have had including citizenship if that is their goal. It is too bad that Mr. Reid wasn't here for this protest....this is what he missed. Did you see anyone anxious to go to battle for the USA or rather, did you see hundreds willing to pick up a flag and claim rights that someone else fought for?

This video........ gives a perspective of someone who has fought for this country.


Lady Di Tn said...

The border patrol should have had buses awaiting for this group of protestor and as soon as the buses were full head south to their country. We need more ole dudes with knives. Peace

Granny Annie said...

That man who cut down and freed our flag from beneath the Mexican flag is indeed a hero. We have so many elephants in the rooms it is difficult to imagine holding back the stampede.