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Monday, September 27, 2010

Did you know?

The only lizard that has a voice is a Gecko? It makes a barking, chirping or clicking noise when interacting with other gecko's.
They have no eyelids but rather a membrane they lick to clean.
They lay eggs and it takes between 1-3 months for them to hatch.
There are a multitude of different species but the one most common here in my area is a albino like one.
When we come home from dinner, we check to see how many are around the light on the garage. Often, a baby one will be on the door itself and ride it up.

They are known for being able to run vertical, even up glass and the reason they can do so is because of the way their feet are made.
They can run very fast and there is one species that can even fly! I think perhaps that was the one that zipped through my Hawaiian Luau plate of food at the Polynesian Culture Center in Hawaii several years ago:)

I guess you might be wondering why I wouldn't mind having them around?
Prov. 30:28 A lizard can be caught with the hand, yet it is found in King's palaces
I must confess though that my favorite one is on the TV


Granny Annie said...

Be glad it didn't leave behind salmonella when it ran across your plate of food. Lizards are the number one carriers of salmonella:)

Changes in the wind said...

Granny Annie, I don't know if they are the number one carrier but they can as well as Iquana's and turtles.

Farmchick said...

My son does an excellent imitation of the tv gecko. Cracks me up everytime.