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Monday, August 3, 2009

Stop laughing

A friend of mine sent me this video and I have to tell woke up the lion in me. There are some parts that I am not sure of the accuracy (Obama's birth certificate) and I know that he has been labeled a right wing nut by some but please listen all the way through and you will indeed have to stop and think twice....
When he said "we better stop laughing", it hit a nerve with me! and I just have to say.......
Conservatives best stop laughing with the attitude that Obama and those democrats are being proven wrong and Democrats better stop and think if they really want to go along with having our United States of America torn apart, weakened and eventually destroyed.

Many people are beginning to stand up in different ways......There are several states that have already declared State Sovereignty from the government and I am proud to say that Arizona is one of them. I am also pleased to see how many people are going to these town hall meetings and speaking up and I encourage them to do more. I too am going to begin to stand up more by applying many of the suggestions found in the article below:

Topic: Political Correctness Ten Ways Conservatives Can Fight Back
by Nancy Morgan(libertarian)Friday, February 6, 2009
Are you fed up with political correctness?
Tired of the way our language is being redefined?
Angry at stupid proposals, never ending crisis' and corrupt politicians?
Offended by the patronizing elites?

If so, its time to start fighting back.
Don't underestimate the power of example. By employing these ten easy steps, one person can make a difference:

1. Support capitalism - (no-one else is). Say it often and loudly:
Profit is not a dirty word.
Crony capitalism is bad. Free market capitalism is good.

2. Banish the word 'stimulus' from your vocabulary. The correct word is government spending.

3. Stop tolerating lies and liars. A lie is a lie, not a misstatement. Lies are bad and liars are not trustworthy. Even if they're media darlings.

4. Do not rely on the government for ANYTHING. Remember what Reagan said: "Government is the problem, not the solution." Spread the word.

5. Never, ever again lower your voice when you mention race, blacks, Negroes or whatever the Politically Correct word for African-Americans is. 5a: Stop using hyphens when referring to Americans.

6. Cancel your subscriptions to all liberal media and stop watching NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. They have lost all credibility and don't deserve your support.

7. Start being judgmental. Its called 'having an opinion'.

8. Quit stifling your opinion when surrounded by lock-step liberals. Your opinion is just as valid as anyone's, despite what the elites may think. The PC idiots can only censor you if you let them. You never agreed to or voted for the current politically correct rules and you are not obliged to follow them.

9. Ignore the 'experts'. Remember, just because everyone says something is so, doesn't make it so. By not challenging 'expert opinion', you enable it. Keep in mind that most of our current 'experts' are educated way beyond their intelligence. 9a. Employ the 'experts' test: Just ask yourself, who benefits? Chances are good its not you. If that doesn't work, just follow the money.

10. Most importantly, say 5 times a day: 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me'. Stifling dissent by labeling the dissenter a racist, homophobe, meanspirited, etc. is one of the left's most effective tactics. If anyone tries to discredit you by using these labels, immediately recognize that they're group-think, useful idiots whose opinions are formed by others. Act accordingly.

If you follow these ten steps, others will follow. Before you know it, you'll soon be able to say God Bless America without fear of censure or embarrassment. You'll be able, once again, to take pride in merit, success, true achievement, God and country instead of being forced to worship at the alter of political correctness, diversity, multiculturalism and equality of outcome.

Now I know that there are some Christian views out there that we are in the end times and etc. but whatever happen to "Not on my watch"?


Lady Di Tn said...

Amen girl. I think lots of us are tried of the crap called government. Thanks for giving a Damn. Peace

Chatty Crone said...

Ditto - amen.

silverlight said...

It's either too much salt, or too much pepper. Neither side seems able to learn how to make the soup.

Granny Annie said...

How did "profit" become a dirty word? Yes, political correctness has gone way too far. The media that espouses left speak should be dropped from our daily diet and we should not grease the palms of Hollywood actors who use their movies to brain wash. My friend, it sounds so easy in your outline but you and I know it is not. We face the loss of friendships when we dare to speak our piece. We face differences in family communications and increase rivalry between family members. We need to direct every bit of our fervor at the elected officials and the media leaders who can and must make the difference and bring about change.

Where did this soapbox come from and how did I get on it? LOL