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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That little forgotten occupancy tax

I was off to San Diego, Ca. this past week-end for a solo adventure to Sea World while my hubby traveled to Idaho for a competition. I have mentioned before that I occasionally travel alone and that it is the hardest thing for me to do but also one of the best things for me to encourages me to be more independent and self confident. If you have never traveled for pleasure alone you can't imagine how different it is...I mean if you don't have a good time who are you going to blame???

I chose to stay at the Dana on Mission Bay because they offer a shuttle back and forth from Sea World as well as a shuttle pick-up and return to the airport. The facility was very nice and I would recommend it but just remember that the price you are quoted on travel web sites like Expedia and etc. don't include taxes. They quote that and you can easily think oh yeah, kind of like sales tax but these are the taxes I paid.
1st night.....$23.52 occupancy tax
$4.48 marketing tourism fee

2nd night....$19.74 occupancy tax
$3.76 marketing tourism fee
$.12 California tourism fee

That totals up to $51.30 in tax! Now if you also want to park your car that will be another $12.00 and the shuttle is $6.00 each way to and from airport and don't forget how expensive food is in at an amusement part so the bottom sure and OVER budget!!
Occupancy tax is standard in most state and here are a few examples
San Diego 10.50%
Portland 11.50%
Denver 13.45%
Austin 15.00%
San Antonio 16.75% and yes Az. but don't know the rate..............
and don't forget that you will have to pay $15.00 for your luggage if you don't carry it on. Is it any wonder that tourism is suffering these days?????

The next big question....... did I have a good time???? YES............
I got sunburned despite my efforts not to and in the dardest places like the top of my head (I wore a visor instead of a hat). I loved the new Cirque de la Mer show

they were right next to us and included a great deal of comedy as well as talent!!!

I happened to watch the Shamu show from the back of the stage (a walkway to and from the show) instead of the front and it was just the best and could really appreciate the size of the whales and my best experience of all............the Penguin Experience tour.

This is a behind the scenes type tour and along with being very educational you are given the opportunity to pet one of these little guys and go into the penguin facility which is about 30 degree's so you don't stay for very long but they are so cute and many waddled up to see us.
The cooler weather was a treat but oh how hard it is to drop back down into this dry desert at 110 degree's and it is a bumpy ride as well:)


Nancy said...

I knew many areas have such taxes, but I had no idea the taxes were so high. Yikes!

Glad that you had a good time on your trip.

Chatty Crone said...

My sister lives in LA and said the taxes are outrageous there and that they went up again last night! They pay over 10% sales tax on most everything they buy. They even have a tax to take their animals to the vet.

Your trip looked awesome. Glad you had a nice time.

JeanMac said...

Good for you. I don't think I've ever gone alone on a vacation but traveled by plane and car alone lots.
Glad it was enjoyable.

Sherry said...

Outrageous indeed.

Adorable picture of the penguins. Aren't they amazing to watch?!?!?!

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

Shammickite said...

I think I'd like Sea World, but I think I would like to go with someone else. It's always nice to share an experience with someone so you can discuss it afterwards. However i have mtaken many trips all by myself, the most recent was going to see the Toronto stage version of "The Sound Of Music" by myself.
But I spend a lot of time alone now.... no partner any more, and no family closer than an hour's drive away.

Lady Di Tn said...

And some folks wonder why tea parties have revived?
Hope your flag flys high and your voice rings clear as Independence Day draws near. Peace