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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Like minded

I have mentioned before that I craft for charity and have done so for a long time but I have mostly just done it on my own. Recently I found a chapter of Newborns in Need about an hour away from me and decided since I had a large amount of things that were ready to be donated (see 25 thing for charity blog) somewhere I would attend one of their monthly meetings. Oh my gosh!! Sitting with a group of women my own age and all with the same passion..............Wonderful. I learned a lot of new things, met some lovely people and came home INSPIRED! Whatever your passion/interest is I encourage you too, to try to find a group of people to bounce idea's off of, encourage you and challenge you. No more Lone Ranger for me.


Nancy said...

I checked out the website of Newborns in Need. There is a chapter two hours away from me which is a bit too far to motivate me. I think I will continue to be a Lone Ranger. :o)

Lady Di Tn said...

You go girl. I admire your attitude and wish you well in this new act of kindness. Peace

Kacey said...

I love taking lessons in a group, even though I am older than dirt. There is just something about the comradery in people who are interested in doing the same thing. Even though I was really an expert seamstress, I went to my local quilt store wo take quilting lessons when I first started. There were lots of different rules for quilting than regular sewing. Well, then they started carrying the stuff for basket weaving and I had to learn how to make baskets. My thought was that If I ever went to the Asylum....I could teach. I have some lovely baskets and know how, but the best fun was in the group! I'll have to look into babies in need.
Also, I read your Georgia post and the pictures are lovely. It gives me an idea of someplace to go on our way to Florida in the fall....instead of straight down I-75! I keep asking my hubby to take me somewhere and he always takes me to our place in Florida. I fixed him....sold it!

Chatty Crone said...

I think that is a good idea. I'd like to get in a group of some sort. I'll have to give that some thought. Thanks.