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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Side Tracked

Yes, we are home....yes, we had a wonderful time and yes, I have pictures to post, but I am going to veer off here on a few side notes.

I often watch Bill O'Riley and for the most part can find agreement with him but recently he made some comments about the reality program...."John and Kate plus Eight"
First off he declared the children are being exploited and secondly he stated that no one should watch this program....period. Maybe you are familiar with this show and maybe you aren't but it has recently been in the news because of suspected philandering...and adultery allegations. This show has had 10 million viewers and has provided some insight into a loving, Christian family that made a decision to carry to term the six babies that rarely occur in artificial insemination. The brother and sister-in-law that in the past were very much part of the show are now making claims of exploitation and making statements how hurtful it will be for the children to know that the wonderful trips and birthday parties were all for ratings and etc. but how about the fact that the trips that she herself went on with them wouldn't have happened at all without the fact that they were filmed and shown and that both John and Kate say over and over on the show how grateful they are to be able to do all these things with their children and provide them the same opportunities that a small family would have. I guess my biggest gripe here is freedom...........I personally prefer to watch something real instead of a sitcom like Sex in the City that also had 10 million viewers or Star War fantasies that are visions of someones imagination so don't tell me what to watch and don't convict people on hearsay.

Second side note......I think I have mentioned before that our daughter is a staff interpreter for ASU so guess who interpreted for the commencement with speaker President Obama?????
It was an honor, yes, but guess what....he is just a man with a lot of Secret Service around him. Her and team interpreter had to have special badges due to the fact that they would need to move on the stage and to keep the secret service agents from attacking them when they did so.


Chatty Crone said...

No one person has all the answers - even if seem like they do or do most of the time. It is one thing that makes this place so great. We can believe and take what we choose and leave the rest . . .

Granny Annie said...

We have returned from our trip also. Be it ever so humble.... We do not watch Jon and Kate or any reality shows. You are right, someday they are going to come back to haunt unwilling victims of these tell-all fiascos. On your previous post, I have downloaded explore 8 and have problems too. I followed the lead sheep off the cliff!