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Friday, February 20, 2009

Open wide (satire)

Big Ideas, Grand Plans, Modest Budgets

Opening wide and swallowing doesn't always pan out real well....just ask this catfish that tried to swallow a basketball

It appeared that deflation was the only possibility for rescue

If this is the cure than we are on our way!

Deflation usually occurs because of a serious economic slowdown. If the present slowdown in economic growth turned into a major recession, deflation could become a real possibility. Deflation could occur because of:

Falling house prices reducing spending
Falling value of shares
Contraction in investment caused by banks being unwilling or unable to lend.
Falling economic growth causing firms to try cut prices and possibly wages.


Lady Di Tn said...

Unfortunately rethoric does not equal action. The Japanesse tried the same kind of plan and it took a decade for them to recover. Yikes, I might not be here but our children will. What a mess, I think I will try drawing some political cartoons before they are banned. Peace

Shammickite said...

I rather like the connection between the catfish's predicament and the economy, yes, deflation certainly worked for the catfish!
Just read your previous post, the Lord's Supper crochet is absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful heirloom. I never learned to crochet for the same reason, my mother was a leftie and I am a rightie (although she wrote with her right hand, I think she was taught to). But she taught me to knit, which I love to do whenever I have a spare few minutes. I'm knitting socks at the moment for Christmas 2009 prezzies!

Linda G. said...

LOL! He got himself in a pickle didn't he? But his cure can't be great for us:o(

Good point Changes!

Kacey said...

I'm happy that the catfish was rescued, but I know where I'd like to stick a basketball, however ladies are not supposed to have those sorts of thoughts. I just keep hoping that I live long enough to see us come out of this morass of porkulous stuff.

bigbikerbob said...

Absolutely not into the Economy or Politics, but loved the Catfish pictures, a fair sized fish too.