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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The life and times of my hubby

Our weekly movie doesn't happen on this weekend:) Winter Range

I am posting this because it has started to occur to me that what seems normal to me here in the west is not so normal for those in other parts of the country and perhaps it would be interesting.

Cowboy shooting and its association SASS (Single action shooting Society) is a world wide sport and it includes people from all walks of life. You must create an alias for yourself when you join (mine is Buckskin Bessie) and for some people it is all about the clothes........................

but for others is it all about the guns and shooting...........................

The two left one's be my man and for a closer look James and Guns
Although I have competed with him for over 35 years it has not been in this sport but in a sport called "Fast Draw". I have often considered giving this a try but every time I see those women shoot those shotguns and jerk their shoulder almost out of socket...I think again:)


z-silverlight said...

I think it's great, that you are a woman sharpshooter. I could hit the broadside of a barn-if I was in the barn.

z-silverlight said...

OH--PIFFLE!!!! I meant to say: I could 'NOT' hit the barn--etc.

smilnsigh said...

Ohhhhhh I am so jealous!!! You and your husband shoot! Not to mention the fun it must be, to dress up in period costume. {And wow how yummmy he does loooook, thus dressed!!!! I went to the link you gave. Is that you, on whose lap he is sitting? Better be!!!!!!! >,-)}

Mine has the mustache and at one time, had a handlebar mustache. For a celebration of old times. But the only shooting he ever wanted to do, was what he had to learn to do, in ROTC... way back at the beginning of time.

Me... I'd love to learn to shoot! I've even looked into it but it's difficult over here in Yankee-land. :-( I don't want to try a shotgun, I want a pistol.

Oh well, one of those things I won't get to, I guess. Like riding on the back of a motorcycle. Somebody might teach an old gal to shoot. But they'd not want to take one,on the back of a motorcycle. Should have done that one, when I was YOUNGER! -grin-

Mmmmm, did I say I am soooo jealous? ,-) Well, I say it again.


Granny Annie said...

Your man be hot!

Granny J said...

Several of my weekly breakfast buddies were down there from Prescott for Winter Range, also.