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Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm back

My adventure was a trip with Elderhostel on a city signature tour to Memphis, Tenn.

We stayed on Beale street which is the famous blues street, went to Sun studio (where Elvis make his first record), The Cotton museum, The Blues museum and of course Graceland to name a few.
I think I mentioned in an early post that I have begun doing some travel on my own as a personal growth effort and I must say this was the best one yet! Of course to go on a Elderhostel tour you have to be over 55 years old so that is the first thing we all had in common and although diverse and from all parts of the US our group had a wonderful time together. The hotel was very nice (Picture of the lobby) and very safe with having to have your door key to use the elevator to go to the rooms.

It is amazing how you think you know about life until you go to a different part of the US and find that their way of looking at life if very different than yours. Such was the case with the history of the Civil Rights, cotton, Mississippi River trade and Jazz that propelled this part of the country.

But the thing that transcended them all was of course, Elvis Presley.
Painting inside Graceland

What a sight to see young and old lined up to go to the home of the King who died 29 years ago.


JeanMac said...

So nice you're getting some trips in - sounds like another winner for you.Happy Easter.

Ming the Merciless said...

Oohhh...I went to Beale Street and visited the Sun Studio too. But that was over 10 years ago when I lived in Louisiana. Memphis was 5 hours northeast of where I went to college.

Granny Annie said...

What a fun trip! It was funny that I happened to tell my grandchildren this week that I would have sold my soul to the devil for a date with Elvis Presley. Now they know they have a goofy grandma.

Welcome back and Happy Easter!

smilnsigh said...

This sounds like a wonderful way to travel. Never heard of it before. Well, never was given a link to a site on such, before.