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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Check this out...

Located in Portsmouth, UK
In the middle of the Solent on one of the restored "Palmerston", (19th century) forts.
A short (30 minute) boat journey brings you to this location which has been totally restored to offer a hotel with 360 degree uninterrupted views, roof terrace with fire pit, sauna/hot-house, hot tubs and lighthouse tower. The rooms are HUGE (with all en-suite facilities) and there are numerous "gentlemens club" type lounges.

There are only nine luxurious suites and you will be treated like a king and queen
from the time to arrive until time to leave.
Fire pit
Spa with a killer view
Definitely not the norm..



Mevely317 said...

Oh, I want to be there right NOW!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tired Teacher said...

Amazing! I wonder if the British monarchy vacations there.

Granny Annie said...

How do you find all these neat places? How many people were there when you were?

Changes in the wind said...

Granny Annie I wasn't there but wished I could be:)

Debbie said...

beautiful!! and the first picture, with the boat in view, gives one a good idea of how large it is. i wonder if you would feel safe staying there??!!