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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The girls were freezing so I wanted to make them some sweaters. After several tries with yarn I came up with these.

I went to my favorite used store "Savers" and bought a sweater, cut the sleeves off and used the wrist area for the neck. Measured about 3 1/2" down and cut the holes for the legs. Used left over material and made the legs. Hemed the back and poof!
Nice and warm and a lot cheaper that the $22.00 for one at Petsmart.


Linda said...

How clever!!!! IF it ever gets cold in Texas, I will make one for Lucy!!! What a great idea!!

Tired Teacher said...

Superb! I, too, think you are very clever.

Michelle said...

Very smart of you and the girls look toasty!

Bev said...

Cool... but cold in AZ?? hehe

Tracy Batchelder said...

Well done! And it looks like they are happy to have them on.