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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Please stand with me on this

It will soon be time for us to cast our vote for the leader of our country and yet there has been no changes in our voting laws even though it was proven over and over that in the last election there was a vast amount of voter fraud.
This is one example that you might remember.

I don't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican I will encourage you to cast your vote but even more I encourage you to take a stand to be sure YOUR vote counts. There are people who say that this will cause a hardship on minorities but explain to me how the requirement for ID is not a problem in all of the following:

It's time we take a stand..........
 Please go to the following web site and put in your zip code. It will allow you to send a letter to your congressman right on line.

This is the letter I sent to my senator, Senator John McCain.

Dear Senator McCain, I am hoping I might inspire you to introduce a bill that would make it a law that in order to vote in our Presidential elections you MUST prove you are a citizen of the USA. Without that we will soon be right where we were last time with fraud deciding the outcome. I think since so many are in favor of people from Mexico to be here we should adopt their election policies.

(If you do not know the election policies I posted about them here.)


Tired Teacher said...

Voting is extremely important. Some of my friends rarely vote. :o(

Debbie said...

I always vote and always try to be sure I educate myself to do so!!

Linda said...

We always vote and we will send that letter! Great post! We NEED to do this!