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Saturday, June 6, 2015

You CAN teach a old dog some new tricks

I have been in process of trying to organize things for our upcoming trip. I have always wanted to have a wardrobe capsule....
Capsule Wardrobe on a budget #capsule wardrobeand low and behold as I stood and began pulling clothes from my closet that were in the black and beige tones, dozens of outfits appeared. My highlight color will not be orange like in this sample and I like print items so will use many of those. I read an article that said a woman had outfits in her closet but rarely wore them...she finally figured out they were not in her comfortable colors. The light bulb went off for me....My favorite colors are black, beige, taupe and maybe a little grey, so is it any wonder I have very little blue things and the ones I have go with nothing. I think I would like a little red as my highlight color. It was also suggested to use a shawl (which I have) but it said you could use a brooch to pin it to stay on your shoulders and guess what? I have a brooch that was my Grandmother's that I would love to wear. All this may be a no brainer for you but it is exciting for me and I didn't have to go shopping.

I also discovered I can put my mail on hold for vacation right online and they will deliver it on my stop date. Yahoo!

I have been practicing using my cell phone as my camera and am going to use only that on our trip instead of carrying a camera and phone. We will see how that goes.



Tired Teacher said...

What a great post! I tend to purchase a lot of black, gray, blue clothing. I rarely, if ever, wear taupe or beige - orange? Forget it!

Keep your hold mail receipt number handy because you can also extend the hold online, but you'll need that number.

Enjoy your trip and takes LOTS of photos to share.

Lady Di Tn said...

Nice to find all your needs right in your closet. I turn my hangers backward and when i wear an item then the hanger goes in the closet correct, that way I know what I am not wearing and can scoop them up and out of my way. Love to see a photo of the brooch. Lots of times now I use the camera on my phone as I have it with me and that way you do not have to keep up with 2 items.. Hope yawl have a ball. Peace

Far Side of Fifty said...

I like blues and reds...have fun where ever you go! :)

Michelle said...

Thank you for this! I am always trying to change up my work wardrobe!

Debbie said...

I seem to always be wearing white, not because I love white but because the style of shirts I love are always white. I always carry my big camera because it takes better pictures.....I should get a new phone, the quality of the pictures on the new phones is amazing!!

Enjoy your trip!!