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Monday, May 18, 2015

This and That

I have trouble getting shoes that don't hurt my feet and was searching for a pair to break in before our up coming trip....this is what I found!
Sketchers:) So far they have been working out good.

Have you seen tomatoes growing upside down? Well this is mine and it seems to be working fine

but I don't think I should think in salad terms:)
Here is a tidbit. If you download books using overdrive and suddenly start having trouble? Don't hurry and buy a new device like I did. Uninstall overdrive and then re-install it. Might just solve all the problems. I learned this the hard way recently but am the proud owner of a new Nano.

Image result for nano pictures

Check this out.....
Comparison of the Titanic and a cruise ship today. Nothing like  picture to give a little perspective!

and last but not least.......



Debbie said...

i have seen those tomato plants but have never tried one. mine are finally outside, i started the seeds indoors, and they seem to be growing well, upright!!

good luck with the shoes, you will need something comfortable!!!!!

Tired Teacher said...

The shoes look comfy. Make sure to update after your trip.

I've never tried growing tomatoes like that, but many in this area have good luck with the method.

Michelle said...

I need a pair of those shoes for summer! Funny how the Titanic seems so very small.

Granny Annie said...

Love this post. Don't love the shoes because I can't stand something around my toe or between my toes. I have hope for the tomatoes:-) Glad for the tip on overdrive. I will do that because having problems myself. Amazing comparison of ships and yes, I know the sandwich symbol. LOL

Lady Di Tn said...

So that is why Puppy always leaves his knife for me to wash. The shoes look like they will be fine but be sure you do lots of walking before the trip to make sure. Have fun. Peace