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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hubby and I decided to take a little week-end trip to Yuma. We had been there many years ago for a competition and went through the old prison but it has become a snow bird community and there have been changes. We stayed at the Radisson Hotel
and it was a great place to stay. Close to the freeway, close parking, great room and bed, friendly people, nice restaurant and the best free breakfast ever!
We drove down to old town and the main street was pretty as a picture...
This fountain was in the center of the road creating a circle to drive around:)
The old Saint Carlos hotel, even had some old timers sitting the bench chatting.
the old theatre
A cute Italian place and don't you love the bikes in the front!
We went to Algodones, Mexico which is only 7 miles from Yuma. I had heard how this was a good place and very safe and etc. Well, it is safe but for my taste it was not good. It is streets lined with vendors that hawk at you as you walk by...Lady!! Pretty jewelry, need a dentist? Glasses? and etc. A typical border town I guess you would say. We spent about an hour, had a beer and headed back. When we checked back in to the U.S. the man checking our passports was surprised we hadn't bought anything and had nothing to claim.
All in all we had a nice time and the weather was perfect:)



Michelle said...

I haven't been to a border town, so that does sound interesting to me.

Tired Teacher said...

I remember visiting Reynosa, Mexico years ago and hearing the vendors, "Hey Lady. . ." Thanks for the memory jog.

Such fun to see old buildings renovated and used.

Debbie said...

pretty hotel, sounds like a nice visit!! i have been to mexico, i remember that familiar call!!!!