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Friday, March 6, 2015

This and That

I am not sure why I haven't been motivated to post but it is a fact. I took these pictures to post but it has been a while so it is "old" news. Oh well here it goes...
My modem went out so I had to get a new one and more important, set it up.
With help I got it done and wow!! So much faster and clearer. I should have thought it was time because I had the old one over nine years.

I had a favorite candle in my kitchen and used it all up so I was on the hunt for a replacement. I don't like a lot of the ones they have but low and behold I found this one...
at Walmart and I LOVE IT!! Most interesting, on the side it says "Made in the USA" and as I read it the people began this business in Fayetteville, Ar. We were there as posted here. I am going to have to make another trip and get some more because I really like it:)
Hubby brought me a bouquet of roses and Star Gazers (my favorite flower). It was so very pretty and the star gazers lasted for a week and a half.
If only I could sent the scent  along:)
Here is my little parakeet
                                                          Rico, my pretty baby blue bird.
Here is a quick as a wink Frito casserole for one.
Put a layer of Frito's, then some can chili. Let it sit for a while or over night and then heat it up in the microwave and put cheese on top. I love to add shredded lettuce.

I leave you with this gorgeous sunset from my Arizona skies.


Bev said...

I love AZ sunsets!! We get the best of both worlds...Alberta and Arizona sunsets!!:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well hello! I stopped by the other day and was wondering how you are! Those are beautiful flowers! AND your sunset is great too:)

Nancy said...

I remember eating, and loving, chili Fritos when I was in college. Yummy!

Michelle said...

Frito chili pies are popular at our local ballpark in the summer months.

Linda said...

Welcome back! I enjoyed your post! You know, sometimes we just don't feel like sharing sometimes!
Good to know about the candle from Walmart......I'm going to look for this one!

Debbie said...

A nice "getting caught up" group of images!! What a gorgeous sunset!!

Mari said...

That candle sounds like one I would like. I may have to stop at Walmart.
The frito casserole sounds good too!
We have star gazer lilies in our yard in the summer and they do smell wonderful!

Granny Annie said...

I ate my first Frito chili pie in the '60s. The Frito bag was cut open and chili poured in the bag. You added onions and cheese and there was your delicious meal at the local drive in restaurant. I have loved them since. Do the Fritos stay crisp in your dish?

Lady Di Tn said...

Walmart was started by a man who believed in Made In USA. Glad to hear somethings there have not changed. When Walmart was more in tune with there beginnings and smaller, well I loved to shop there however, with the massive Super Walmart I just hate to go in them as I feel like they are tooooo big. I most always look for the Made In USA and not produced in USA tag. The sunset photo is beautiful. You must have caught the Funk from me as I too have been absent on the net. Peace