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Monday, February 9, 2015

Hassaysmpa Inn

Several years ago I read about traveling alone and the things you could learn from it so I took a few trips on my own and indeed it is an awaking. For one thing if you aren't haven't a good time there is no one to blame since you are totally in charge. I also found it interesting how differently I did things like waking, napping, eating and etc. Less routine and more spontaneous. I forget how helpful that kind of venture can be but when some circumstances arose here at home I decided to take a little jaunt up North on my own. I not only have gone here (Prescott, Az.) many times but lived here with my Grandmother when I went through beauty school, although it is a very different place now. 

I stayed at the Hassayampa Inn that is located right down town and have posted about this before

It is a lovely historic hotel and I love everything about it except the stairs! They have a elevator but since it is the original one you have to ask them to take you up in it and hate to bother people. The other disadvantage is that it is at the top of a hill and of course going down is a breeze but that coming up.....oh boy. I will say I exercised without intention:) The weather was lovely so spent a lot of time out and about.
 I will share some pictures with you.
Just heading down the hill and saw this old clock
Went past that street light and found the cutest restaurant called "The Lone Spur". Had breakfast here with this cowboy picture looking over my shoulder
and the horns chandelier overhead
It was quite a cute place and the food was excellent!!
People were standing in line waiting to get in as I left.
I walked around the courthouse (where hubby and I came to get our marriage license) and saw this statue....
Funny, I had never noticed it before. The trees are all bare but will be green this summer.
I found a bench and did a little knitting and people watched for a while and as I was leaving I snapped this picture of the restaurant....they have a sign saying they will be expanding to the building next door so that is a sure sign that business is good.
Although my room was on the third floor I did enjoy it as I had two windows that looked out over the streets and of course it was filled with antiques like this beautiful chest of drawers...
Don't you wish they could talk and tell you the stories they know (every drawer had a lock).
Well, I spent two nights and one full day and it was very good for me.
Need to remember to do this more often:)



Michelle said...

I have traveled alone before and rather like it. Doing what you want, when you want, is quite liberating.

Nancy said...

I love going on adventures by myself. Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Mari said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog. This looks like a fun little trip and the inn sounds very nice!

Granny Annie said...

The first thought that jumped into my head viewing the Lone Spur. was who has to dust all that stuff?

I do love seeing it though and would go there in a minute.

Lady Di Tn said...

I admire your adventurous spirit, because I cannot remember the last time I ventured out on my on for a visit even to my home town. The idea of no routine is calling me. Maybe when Mimi is no longer with us, I can escape on an out of town adventure. At the moment Prince and I call going to TSC a mini date. I love the old chest and what kind of hat did you put in the hat drawer? Peace

Linda said...

I love how y'all do such interesting things and visit such fascinating places!!
Yes, I have ALWAYS wished furniture and rooms and textiles could SPEAK!!! The stories thay could tell.....