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Monday, July 15, 2013

Reprieve from the heat

We took a little jaunt up north this past weekend to escape the heat. It is amazing that in 2 1/2 hours you can go from this..

 110 degrees

to this.....

 79 degrees
Our first stop was in Prescott for a night's stay at the Hassampa Hotel. I have told you all about this place before and you can go  here to see all about is a favorite place to go summer and winter. The next day we drove up to our old home town (Ash Fork) which is now a very depressing ghost town and then on up to Flagstaff and past the old Twin Arrows Trading post..
To the all new Twin Arrows Casino
This is one of only three Navajo casinos on the Navajo Nation which is fairly large as noted by the map
There is nothing like going to a brand new Hotel/restaurant. Everything smells good and shines:) The room was very comfortable as see by the photo's......... 
 top notch in house coffee
 Plenty of room to stretch out and a great chair to sit and knit and look out the window.........
 at the afternoon clouds gathering for a wonderful cool rain.
We had a great time. Met another young couple for dinner and all the food we ate was wonderful but I must say the best and the greatest surprise was breakfast. I ordered pancakes and when they came they looked sort of dirty....
 but it turns out they make them with blue flour and they are DELICIOUS!!!
They have a beautiful facility
 Door pulls at entrance
and this hanging structure that represents their belief in the five lives, from the sea life to the agricultural life and etc. . Along the upper walls were things that also coordinated with that like these hands that represent the human life
 (I only learned this because our friend's mother is full blooded Navajo.).

It is against the law to take pictures in the casino but you can see some here:)




Linda said...

Louis Dean's mother was full blood Cherokee. You take the BEST trips!!! I loved seeing every picture!

Michelle said...

This looks like such a fun trip and I would love to use some of that blue flour!

Chatty Crone said...

I remember when you used to travel all the time and you broke your ankle or foot. Another nice trip. sandie

Nancy said...

You visit the most interesting places! I love all the photos that you post from your travels: they give me ideas of where I might want to go someday.

Lady Di Tn said...

Ah, you make me want to travel West Ward Ho. Peace