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Monday, May 7, 2012

To Contemplate

A while back a friend gave me this book to read....
No, I am not Amish nor do I intend to become Amish but there were so many of their traditions that made me just sit and contemplate. So, I thought I would from time to time, share some with you.

 The Amish wear very simple, conservative,  practical clothing and they all dress alike.

There are many benefits to this if you think about it. You never have to worry if you  are dressed appropriately for an occasion. You never have to stand in front of your closet wondering what to wear. You never have to worry if you look outdated in your style. There will never be any jealousy over what one has and another doesn't. Brand names would be obsolete. There would be no gang recognitions on sight and lusting would be much less I would guess without low cut blouses and short shorts and bling would not be of any interest nor designer handbags and sunglasses.

Much like a uniform their clothing promotes quality rather than status.

If you sit and just look at people you will be amazed at how we all desire to stand out in some way and how we try to cover up those not so attractive things we all have...drooping boobs, fat gut , thinning hair, wrinkles and etc.

 Well maybe all dressing the same isn't the total answer but this Amish Proverb is.....

The most beautiful attire is a smile.

No expense, readily available and rarely seen these days.


Dana said...

I agree: a smile is the nicest thing a person can wear. :)

I find the Amish very interesting. I've read some fiction about them, but I think it would be fun to read more about their actual lives. Thanks.

Michelle said...

I also find their culture very interesting. We have quite a few Amish families who farm in my area, along with Mennonites.

Carol............. said...

That Amish saying is so true. I'm a big "smiler" and always have been. I smile at most everyone (including animals! LOL). But as the years have gone by I've noticed the negative responses to a smile. Some simply turn their head the other way, some actually glare, and others just ignore you. How very sad. It seems like some people think a smile is a motive for something bad....who knows......

Granny Annie said...

We have a lot of Mennonites in our area. They don't dress exactly alike but they do cover their heads and they cover their legs (men, women and children). I often feel sad for the little children in their long skirts and pants at play in the heat while other children frolic in shorts.

I only worked in one bank that required uniforms for the women. That was wrong when the men did not have uniforms. It was great, though, to get up each day and not worry about what to wear to work.

Many schools are now going to school uniforms which should reduce the competition. However these uniforms don't seem to allow for the important smile:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Happy belated burpday to your guy. He is exactly ten years older than Prince. I enjoyed all the previous post I missed while just accomplishing life in general things.While I was away Blogger changed things again. I often think there is a romantic feeling about the simple attire and life they lead.The Amish Proverb is very beautiful. Peace