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Saturday, July 30, 2011


You know that old saying...."Always wear clean panties because you never know when you might be in a car wreck"....Well, last year when I broke my ankle it was one of my thoughts as I lay in the rocks waiting for the ambulance. Yes, my underwear was clean but it was so old and stained you probably would have never believed it. I told myself that I needed to take care of that.....well, here it is is a whole year later and I am  just now am getting that done...(did I ever tell you that I procrastinate?).
Shopping for lingerie always seems to be such a chore! But, I thought I would really take a big step and go to one of those speciality stores that will fit you for a bra. I don't know if it is just the store I picked but what a joke....three rounds with the tape measure and I was fitted or at least knew my size to shop for as she explained. I hauled my little butt back to Penny's and after looking at racks and racks and sales and sales I finally got 6 new pairs of panties and 3 bras and they even match:)
One of the biggest problems for me is that there is so much to choose from and they never have what I bought last time.

The panties I got this time are nylon/spandex Lycra and I mean to tell is like wearing nothing!  Oh, my pocketbook is lighter too.....over $100.00 and they were on sale and with coupons!  I do feel better though from the inside out:) 


TexWisGirl said...

oh too funny! you just described one of my most dreaded items to shop for. i detest bra shopping and yes, why don't they make panties like you used to buy?! :)

Flora said...

Too funny...I just grab a package from Target and I'm good to go for a year!..

Chatty Crone said...

Well you may be late - but they look pretty - now no more accidents!

Farmchick said...

I love nice under pinnings. Good ones really do make a difference!

Granny Annie said...

"Don't wear torn underwear in cae you're in an accident and always carry a dime for a phone call." Those were my mother's wise words of advice when I left home. Oh and if I had a date she liked to ask "Do you have your rubbers...(pause)... in case it rains?" Supposedly she meant "boots" but I always wondered if she didn't know exactly what she was saying. My underwear comes from WalMart and only if it is marked down from the usual $10 to $8. The chickens, goats, etc. don't seem to mind.

Lady Di Tn said...

LOL You sound like my big Sis, as she is always complaining about not being able to find what she bought last. I guess by buying all those new girly things you will ward off any other trips by ambulance. Peace

Anonymous said...

I don't usually read blog posts about lady's underwear but this one made me smile.

My mom used to tell me the same thing about my long johns or shorts. You might be in a car wreck and they will see you dirty shorts.

Since then I have been in the hospital for all sorts of things and can't ever remember anybody inspecting my underwear while I had them on or when I took them off.