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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I love clocks and especially antique travel clocks. I have them scattered all over the house.

Closed it looks like a leather  novel

Here it is open. The clock is wind up and still works but the thermometer doesn't. I have this on a little shelf  in the sewing room.

World Globe is a wind up and still works. I have it on my computer desk

Closed it looks like just a small case

Open it is a clock and radio..neither work :(
Have it tucked in with some antique books on top of the side by side

Just a little suitcase
This has a dial on the front that has the names of places all over the world and I guess if you set it for where you are then you can see what time it is in another country by finding it on the dial. This no longer works and I have it closed, tucked in with some old family picture.

These are just some other favorites around the house..........................................
Sits on a shelf in the 1/2 l bath
In the doll room
In guest bath
Sit on the fireplace mantle in the living room
Next to the sewing machine
The black thing is a pen

Where I hide the dreaded seam ripper

Coming into the kitchen from the garage

This isn't all the clocks around the place but most of my favorites. I sure have no excuse of being late!


Nancy said...

What a unique collection of clocks. One of my oldest is an antique schoolhouse clock that still works. I also have a clock for different time zones (30+ years old) that still works. I even have the wrist watch that was given to me at my high school graduation.

Clocks are magical, but are gradually being replaced by digital varieties. I won't be surprised when children are unable to tell time on a standard clock.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love your collection..especially the littlest ones..I remember the travel ones that looked like a case..the aqua one that looks like a book is especially lovely:)

Farmchick said...

I teach and there are already kids who do not know how to tell time on a regular clock. I love this collection of clocks. So charming.

Lady Di Tn said...

Love this post as it shows part of your personality by the clocks you like. Thanks for sharing. Peace

Birdman said...

What a neat collection here. These are quite cool. It would be hard to select a favorite I bet.

JeanMac said...

What a great collection.

Granny Annie said...

Each and every clock is spectacular. Thank you for sharing:)