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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Orleans

Spent nearly one week in the jazz center of the world "New Orleans". This was my second trip here and my hubby's first. We had one week from our time share left to use and chose to come here and stay at Wydndham La Belle Maison n
It is located in the warehouse district of the city and just blocks from the French Quarter and all the other attractions. The facility was very nice and the people were helpful and friendly.......Had no problems with the exception of breakfast. Our first morning we asked the concierge where to go for breakfast and she said to "Mother's"

just a short distance away, so map in hand we head out. Now you need to remember we have never been here before so have no idea how things work....we get to the door and a man says "this is the exit, you have go to the other side" we walk around and there is sort of a ramp that leads up to the door with a little awning, my hubby opens the door for me and suddenly this man steps in the doorway and says "you will have to wait there until the line thins out" so hubby says okay...the man says "close the door"! By this time several other men have joined our line outside and are asking why we are standing out here? Meanwhile, people start coming out (the going in door) and act like we are the ones in the wrong place......we waited for quite a while, when finally, a different man (more friendly) opens the door and says "take a menu and get in line" here is the deal, it is like a fast food place with one single line and after you place your order and find a seat, a waiter comes and gets your ticket and brings your order to you when it is ready. This is a very small place and clearly very popular. We soon found out why.....the biscuits and ham were to die for:) but the ambiance?? It was one of those hurry and eat and get out of places. Oh...I forgot to tell you that they have chickory coffee.This is something that you can't really discribe and at this particuar place it was VERY strong, in fact it was served with milk unless you asked for it me there is a reason why. Sadly, the other little local restaurant we found was set up the same way and no others to be found but I must say at this restaurant the server was the friendless, happiest person I have ever encountered.....I smile just thinking of her. My hubby would tell her it was too cheap and give her a big tip, on the last day she said " I sur hopes you just keep on a comin!
There was a Mexican restaurant right across the street that had really good food and advertised breakfast but didn't start serving until 11:00 A.M. Go figure.......Well, we didn't go hungry for sure but did miss our nice sit down quiet start of the day. I did also discover that I like grits with sugar sprinkle over them....tastes like cream of wheat. There were several more things I learned while I was there but will share them later.


Farmchick said...

I have had a dining experience at Mothers and it is an EXPERIENCE for sure! I have to say that I love breakfast at Cafe du Monde. Looking forward to your other pictures/storied from New Orleans. BTW, I love the coffee there and my husband just hated it.

Granny Annie said...

Delightful report. I'm afraid I would not have had the patience for the unknown at Mother's. It would have been like being in a traffic jam and having a semi-truck in front of you and you couldn't see what the hold up was.

I love grits but I do not like cream of wheat. It is odd that you think grits are like cream of wheat. Hum?

Chatty Crone said...

Thanks for the mini tour - I've never been there. Looks like a nice place to visit.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I have not been in New husband has ..he loves the Chicory coffee..our daughter orders him some every year for Christmas...he likes his black!

Sounds like an interesting breakfast experience:)