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Monday, April 13, 2009

A weeks worth

I'm gonna get you on a slow boat to China,
all to myself alone;
Get you and keep you in my arms evermore;
Leave all the others waitin' on a faraway shore.
This sure sounds good doesn't it???
Well, my hubby and I have come to the conclusion that going on a cruise should happen for us once every five years or so just to remind us that this isn't our favorite way to travel.
This was his 3rd and my 4th cruise and do you get spoiled??? Yes, someone makes your bed up twice a day with fresh towels and etc. Someone picks up your dishes from the buffet as soon as you are finished eating from the the multiple selections of food and yes there is something available to eat every hour of every those delicious little ice cream cones right behind the grill cooking hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and etc.
The staff make you feel like you are the only person there and you have to stand in line to go to the bathroom, board the ship, get off the ship, get in line for breakfast or lunch or dinner in the dinning room. Yes, there is a multitude of food and some of it is quite good but hot??? no way. The only way you could get something really hot was to order an omelet for breakfast and he cooked it while you waited (it was a favorite...big line). Dinners were an adventure and there were names of things I have never heard of as well as some old time favorites. One thing is for do not go hungry and you do come home with extra pounds even if you work out everyday (which we did).
Can you get sea sick? Yes, especially if you are sensitive to movement and there is a storm that brews up....
So....why did we go??? Well, the price was right and included a balcony cabin and it went to two of our favorite places....Cabos and Mazatlan as well as to a place we had never been, La Paz, Mexico. Were the stops worth it??? YES....took a few picture of our favorite place in Cabos, the Solmar Hotel This is the view from the lobby and this is the view from the ship. Solmar is on the backside of these rocks at the very tip of the Baja.
I have already posted pictures and talked about Mazatlan so won't repeat it but did get to our favorite lunch spot ....The Shrimp Bucket

Now for La Paz????
I can't say enough and we hope to go back one day. It is a beautiful little town that surrounds the turquoise, emerald green waters of the Sea of Cortez and is famous for its well known diver...Jacques Cousteau. The little town is very clean and friendly with many little unique statues everywhere.......................
A beautiful Malecon where there are to be musicians and dancing in the evenings
and on this day, a very talented sand sculpture artist that was working for a few tips

Like I said....we are hoping to go back but not on a boat :)


Chatty Crone said...

How wonderful for you and your hubby. I'm jealous - in a nice way!

Granny Annie said...

Welcome back my friend. You have been missed.

I have never been on a cruise. Two were planned but weather terminated both. Of course Ron has been on many a cruise on destroyers, carriers, tenders, etc. Not his favorite way to cruise. LOL Your description makes be think it's not something I would like since I am a very impatient person. It does look like you enjoyed some good time too though.

JeanMac said...

Looks just delightful. Never been on a cruise.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yep, you know how sheep feel when getting on and off the ship.
Glad you enjoyed the trip but too far south for me. There are way too many places in the states for me to put this on my bucket list.
Sure sign you had a good time. You wanta go back. Peace

Mevely317 said...

This is hard to admit, but I've come to agree with you re. modern-day cruising.
I used to be a cruise-addict -- before the MEGA-liners debuted ... together with their "open" dining concept and hordes of people. I so wish the smaller, more intimate vessels would again become fashionable (affordable!). .. where dining's an elegant affair -- an excuse to don our long gowns and sit-up straight!

This was a great perspective, Monica!