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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

March 17th is the agreed upon day to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Being that I have no Irish in my background and I am not of Catholic faith, all I knew of this day is if you didn't wear green would get pinched. I went here and found a lot of information about this celebrated day including the fact that the Chicago River is dyed green every year

the green shamrock was choosen to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish.
As for the corned beef and cabbage??? Cabbage has long been a staple of the Irish diet, but it was traditionally served with Irish bacon, not corned beef. The corned beef was substituted for bacon by Irish immigrants to the Americas around the turn of the century who could not afford the real thing. They learned about the cheaper alternative from their Jewish neighbors.
I am sure that I am not the only person to sort of celebrate a holiday I really knew nothing about but one thing I will guarantee you......I will not ask my Government to ban it because I don't celebrate it........................................ so for those of you who do
Happy St. Pat's Card


Granny Annie said...

As a true Irishwoman I wish to thank you for not protesting against our holiday. LOL

Chatty Crone said...

Hey, I used to live in Chicago - I was born there - I saw that river colored many many times. It is amazing and wonderful.

I had forgotten - thanks for the memories.

Happy St. Pat's Day to you too!

Linda G. said...

Well, I'm not Iish either, but I do love my corned beef and cabbage!
Thanks for the information and for the link and a
Happy St. Paddy's Day to you too:)

JeanMac said...

We're having Irish stew tonight, although not of Irish origins.

Shammickite said...

I've heard about the green Chicago river before.... I wonder how long it takes for all the green dye to disspate? And does it dye all the fish green? Or perhaps there's so much pollution that there aren't any fish? All valid questions to ponder on the day after St Patrick's Day.
I'm not Irish, but I am English, so I think I will celebrate St George's Day instead.... that's April 23rd!

Lady Di Tn said...

Growing up, I was always told that I was Irish plus Cherokee desentant. One likes the fire water and the other cannot hold it., What a combination. Did y'all see the fountain of the White Hse was dyed green?