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Thursday, January 22, 2009

That Las Vegas Weekend

First off let me say that Las Vegas is not my favorite place in the world but I believe you need to make the best of where you are so here is my good news bad news weekend report.........

We stayed at the Riviera where the gun show convention was held (a very old casino on the strip) but because of a mix up we stayed in a suite! Living room, bedroom, dining table, bar, dressing room and two bathrooms. Our view from the 25th floor was construction on a HUGE glass building but it was fascinating to watch the big cranes work. The bed and pillows were the worse ever but there was no one next to us so it was very quiet. Because of the gun show the place was packed and there were long lines for restaurants and etc. but if you had made a reservation................... the food at Kristofer's
was divine!

We had not driven to Vegas in a couple of years and was anxious to see the progress on the bypass bridge over Boulder Dam they are building. It takes forever to work your way through the dam but to see the bridge they are creating is truly amazing. Can you imagine driving over this? It is suppose to be completed June of 2010.
Now I mentioned that I hoped we would come home with a few of those dollars that are made out of linen and I am pleased to say..........WE DID!!

The gun show was a very successful one for us and it wasn't packaged pretty like this.................... but it still spends real good.

It is about a rather boring six hour drive from Vegas home but there needs to be a food break. This is may be the best part of the trip because we stopped at a little Mexican food restaurant called El Palacio. It is off of old route 66 down town and am sure that it is supported mostly by the locals
but the food is pretty good and can you believe..........................................................................

free desert!
As you well know it is fun to go but

there is nothing like home.


Linda G. said...

Thanks for taking us along Changes!
I'm glad it was a successful trip for you and I'm glad to get to see that bridge..WoW!

JeanMac said...

I look forward to seeing that bridge on my next trip down - look very beautiful.
And I love, love Mexican food.

Lady Di Tn said...

Free dessert, that was a nice find. I am glad you had a good time at the show and ones own bed is always best. I would have been right by your side watching those cranes.
Prgress is great but a bridge in front of a dam which is on my bucket list has the view obstucted.
Glad your back. Peace

Shammickite said...

Sounds great. I would love to go back to Las Vegas again, I went there for 5 days about 12 years ago and I really had a good time. We stayed in the old Aladdin about a month before it was knocked down.
MMMMM to the mexican food, I love it! Not many really good Mex restaurants here in Canada.