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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Colt Collectors Show

The Colt Collectors Association holds a convention once a year in different locations throughout the United States. This year it was held in Houston, Texas (last week-end, in spite of the hurricane).
Only colt products are displayed or sold and many people attend simply to share their amazing collections in display. It is open to the public on Sat. and Sunday.
No, this was by no means the most expense gun for sale....the most expensive ones are not for sale.....................................................Notice the paper it is lying on? That is a letter of verification from the Colt factory that this gun is original.

There are awards given for the displays and one that I thought was exceptional was titled (Charter Oak). It was a historical display that dated back to the 1800's and a Charter from England that was located at this huge oak tree

and when in the late 1800's it was struck by lightning
some of the wood from the tree was saved and used to carve many different things, including this set of grips on these colts

These were under glass so unfortunately you see the reflection of the person with the camera. The wood was engraved with oak leaves and really beautiful.
Another nice display

and this one of Pancho Villa were just a few that caught my eye.
Although the Hilton hotel had been damaged due to the hurricane, it was in good repair and had a pretty lobby.
The first of Nov. will find us at yet another gun show in Oklahoma and going to the Gilcrease Museum to see the newly displayed 101 collection (associated with my book on the sidebar). Yep, we have packing down to a science and a special case for the guns, but it is still a real challenge to get through the airport with 20 handguns....that is a story within itself!


Shammickite said...

Gilcrease Museum, is that in Tulsa? I think I went there a few years ago.
I had no idea that antique guns could be so costly!

Changes in the wind said...

Yes, the museum is in Tulsa and the 101 display is a temporary one. Just like antique cars the price depends on how many are in cirulation, how old, what condition, what history might be included and etc.

JeanMac said...

Do you get special permits to check them at airports?
The guns are beautiful.

Granny Annie said...

Oh my goodness, you're going to be close. Maybe we can get to the museum when you are going to be there and meet you guys. We go to Tulsa quite often.

Lady Di Tn said...

Wow, that looks like it was lots of fun. I think the oak handle guns and story are great. Have fun in Tulsa and I bet it is HECTIC and time consuming to take a few guns on a plane. Peace

Changes in the wind said... special permit but there are many procedures that are required...hard case, not loaded, if ammo is included it has to be captures and etc.
First you have to declare them, be accompanied to have them scanned, give them the key to the case and they check (sometimes every gun, put a special tag showing they were checked and re-lock it. Also note that the case alone weighs around 30 pounds so with the guns it was 97 pounds so we had to pay $140.00 each way for them to go on the plane. When we checked in at Houston to come home the procedure took 40 minutes.
Granny Annie...would love to meet you but probably the best bet would be at the gun show there in Tulsa....will be there all day Fri. and Sat. just look up Tulsa gun show for the second week-end of Nov. will have directions and etc. (I will be selling my book there too:)